RBA censors El Jueves cover about the Spanish King’s abdication

The current publisher of Spain’s most recognized satyrical magazine El Jueves (in many ways a Spanish equivalent to Mad Magazine)  has decided to destroy the first pressed 60,000 issues whose cover joked about the Spanish King’s abdication in favor of the Prince of Asturias, and replaced said cover with the one that was made before the news took place.

As reports, RBA “warned that the King could not appear in any covers of El Jueves for the following weeks”, something that prompted the resignation of many notable staff members such as Albert Monteys, Manel Fontdevila, Paco Alcázar o Manuel Bartual, among others.

Seeing how things are going, I wouldn’t be surprised if RBA would suggest their remaining artists to make covers that look like this:

El nuevo Jueves de RBA

My most sincere support goes to the crew that chose to leave the publication due to the censorship that came “from above”.

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